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n the number of the mammals in recent years," Bao said. "In the 1990s, there were only about 170 wild Asian elephants living in China."It is estimated that the population has risen to around 300. In M

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s such as heart problems," Bao said.According to ▓Bao, wild elephants are intelligent. They

arch, a group of more than 50 was spotted in the valley.The 340-hectare Wild Elephant Valley is a scenic area where elephants often roam. It was opened in 1990 at a cost of 150 million yuan (23.5 millio

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s an elephant lover, Bao started to work at the Wi▓ld Elephant Valley in 2000, after graduating from Yu▓nnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute.Bao now has five students and he has written eight acade▓mic papers about wild elephants. But he stresses the need f▓or

  • more veterinarians devoted to the animals."In C▓hina, there are fewer than 10 professional elephant doctors. Protection and rescue can be better achie▓ved with more devoted to the field," Bao

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  • said.Please sca▓n the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on WechatFrom remote mountains t▓o forests, there are many examples of people protecting na

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  • ture around the world. The exhibition showcases a collection of 90 of these efforts from over the last 3▓0 years.Animal experts say thanks to the efforts of grass▓roots conservationists, the

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